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These are serious charges and the State will want to make you an example. Please call to discuss. Ed Dimon,Esq. 732-797-1600

Absolutely.  These are very real concerns. My office handles both criminal defense and immigration and sometimes these matters need to be handled carefully in conjunction. I reccomend getting in ...Read more

You can file a motion in the court that sentenced him to be allowed out early on a hardship basis.

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My brother cut his house arrest bracelet off, how much time will he get?

Q: My brother was arrested for attempting to steal a motor vehicle. He got house arrest for 11.5 months. About four months in, he freaked and cut his bracelet off with a hacksaw and went drinking. He ... Read more

My first case-retail theft, what could I face?

Q: I worked at Best Buy and stole some goods over the course of 2 months. They found $600 dollars-worth of goods and I told them there was more. They came to a dollar amount of $2500 in restitution th ... Read more

Can police lie to get you to come into the station?

Q: The police left a number for me to call and said they wanted to congratulate me for something and give me a gift. When I got there, they handcuffed me to a chair, processed me and gave me charges. ... Read more

Can Pennsylvania extradite for probation violation on running while in hous

Q: I was on house arrest and cut my monitoring bracelet off and now I’m moving to a different state. (Pittsburgh, PA) A: I hope it was worth it. You will be charged with Escape and a warrant wil ... Read more

Can the police lie to me to make me an informant?

Q: The police came to my house and said I sold drugs to an informant. I did not do this. They want me to go buy from other people threatening me with felony jail time. (Pittsburgh, PA) A: It is possib ... Read more

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