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Your ex cannot file a petition re-litigating the same issue that was already decided.   However, when kids are involved, if another "new" issue arises that brings the issue of custody in dis ...Read more

Your son will need to establish paternity in a court of law, and custody, parenting time and child support will follow along.  If he can't afford an attorney, he can inquire of legal aid services ...Read more

Are you by any chance in Chicago? Well, your transmission has gone out, you can't use public transportation? If so you should go back to court and consider modifying the support order. That's&nbs ...Read more

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While the highest number of divorces become final in March and August, new divorce filings spike right after the first of the year. The reason for this trend appears simple: Spouses who are discussing ... Read more

Custody/Parenting Time

How long has it been since you originally signed your current child custody agreement and parenting plan? Does it still reflect your current circumstances and the needs of your child? If the existing ... Read more

Can I file for divorce in Pittsburgh and not owe my wife anything?

Q: I was married 5/20/17 in WA to a woman who was living at home and not employed. She contributed nothing to the marriage, although her mother assisted her with moving costs to Pittsburgh. I just sta ... Read more


Married people in Minnesota may wish to avoid thinking about the idea of divorce or widowhood, even when it comes to financial planning. However, making a plan for these occasions can be extremely imp ... Read more


Minnesota couples who get a divorce may discover that the process can have a significant effect on their finances, including any Social Security benefits they may receive. It is important to understan ... Read more

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